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As New Zealand's only dedicated business mail specialist, we've been providing Kiwi businesses with mail solutions for over 40 years. We began in the 1970s as an interchange system for lawyers exchanging documents between practices, and through hard work, passion and commitment we have grown to become leaders in business mail communication. Our nationwide team of friendly and experienced people are dedicated to providing fast, secure and cost effective services to help you get the most out of your business day.


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This section is designed to help you with any questions you may have.


1What if the mail I've sent goes missing?
If your DX addressed mail hasn't arrived at its destination, check the following:

• Was your mail lodged through DX?
• Was your mail lodged before the cut-off time at the exchange?
• If collected by courier, check with your courier company. (If your mail is collected by a courier, you may be able to trace it to the lodgement point).
2Can I trace my mail?
Overnight Direct Packs and Overnight Priority Packs can be traced. Overnight mail is not traceable.
3How do I know if a company have a DX address?
Use our online directory to check by looking up the company name.
4How do I find my local branch, nearest exchange or street box?
Our branches are listed in our Contact Us section. To find your nearest DX Exchange or street box, search online using our handy Mailbox Locator tool.
5What if my mail is too big for an envelope?
What if my mail is too big for an envelope? Each envelope has its own weight limit. DX Mail envelopes are designed for documents and our largest envelope caters for items up to 2kg. Our customer services team can assist you with any oversized item.
6Which envelope do I need for my item?
We have a comprehensive list of products for Overnight, Postal and Global services online - you can browse these or speak to our Customer Services for assistance.
7Can I have my invoice emailed to me?
Yes, DX Mail offers its customers the option to receive their invoices by email. Click here to learn more.