DX provide a number of specialist services you can tap in to to customise or improve your business mail. These extend across our Postal and Box-to-Box services and are designed to further streamline your experience and ensure your focus is firmly on core business.

Mail Smarts services

Our easy to use franking service cuts the cost and time associated with mail processing, and allows you to focus your business on doing what it does best.

Simply place your outbound mail and parcels into one of our DX Postal Bags, and we’ll do the rest, including franking and mail count.

The benefits...
• Eliminate franking meter machine costs and processing time
• Eliminate stock and lossage from prepaid envelopes
• Eliminate lodgement paperwork
• DX Mail's Consignment service can be used for domestic post, parcels and international items
Thanks to our expanding dedicated street delivery network, you can look to reduce costs and take advantage of the ease in which we manage bulk mail.

Currently being penalised for having non-post coded items? Talk to us about our competitive rates for this mail, especially if your database contains street addresses.

Completed compliance measures to ensure the accuracy of your post codes? Get cost benefits on mail we can deliver through our dedicated street delivery network and retain your state service provider rates.

The benefits...
• Competitive rates for non-post coded bulk mail
• Cost benefits on post code compliant mail

Enjoy the simplicity of letting us handle your mail fulfillment. At DX Mail we will collate and envelope your letters, invoices, statements, mail outs and brochures for distribution. We offer a range of presentation options nest, collate or fold separately and no restriction on the number of inserts.

The benefits...
• Eliminate collation and enveloping processing time
• Choice of presentation option
• No restriction on number of inserts
Give your company that edge with personalised envelopes. In conjunction with ‘DX Mail Consignment’, We can arrange to print your company logo onto any envelope format. Overprinting on a blank envelope can cost as little as 4 cents including envelope and logo.
The benefits...
• Low cost and convenient way to personalize your mail
• Reduce costs as your print run increases
• Get a free proof, just send us your logo
Our cost effective prepaid envelopes are available in a wide range of sizes and formats. Easy and convenient to use and re-order they save time on franking and allow you to easily manage your ongoing mail costs. Our stamps can be used to send documents to a street address, PO Box or Private Bag within New Zealand.

The benefits...
• Wide range of products for your every requirement • Eliminate franking meter machine costs and processing time • Quick and easy to replenish stock etc
Dataprint is a full service mailhouse that provides its customers with both physical and digital solutions for their transactional and marketing mail. Services range from presentation of statements and invoices to preparing customised marketing campaigns.

We operate a niche market in generic, regional and personalised postcard stamps.

The benefits...
• Stunning range of complementary products
• Simple stamp pricing - one cost for all international sending
• Highly collectible, easy to transport - perfect for souvenir retailing