Our DX-to-DX Document Exchange Service is a reliable and cost effective service dedicated to transporting business communications overnight, nationwide. This service began in the 1970's as a private document network for lawyers, and has since grown to include over 6,000 box holders across a wide range of professional services.

How it works

As a DX Box holder you're able to send and receive mail and parcels overnight via our secure DX Box network. Simply hand your mail to your daily courier or drop your DX mail into your nearest DX Exchange. There are 230 exchanges conveniently located nationwide.

Your mail stays within DX's private network, ensuring that your important documents will arrive to the recipient intact and on time. All of our Box-To-Box Exchange Services are delivered before 9am Monday to Friday, and collected late in the day allowing your business to maximise its working day.

We have a wide range of DX envelopes and packs to suit your specific needs, including DX Priority Packs which allow you to track important items for extra peace of mind. If you're regularly sending documents between sites, our Branchlink Interbranch Satchels allow you to transport documents and paperwork swiftly and simply.

Overnight delivery
Mail is secure
Delivered by 9am Mon-Fri
230 covienient exchanges
Wide range of products for all your needs

What's in it for you

  • Overnight nationwide box-to-box delivery
  • Mail stays in our secure private network, your important documents arrive intact and on time
  • Delivery by 9am Mon to Fri - maximize your working day
  • 230 exchanges mean it's always convenient to drop off or pick up mail
  • Wide range of products to suit your needs, provide peace of mind and keep it quick and simple to move your documents including Priority Packs and Branchlink Interbranch