Key Features

DX Mail FM Services

The following key features of DX Mail FM services illustrate some of the key benefits to the customer.


DX Mail FM manages 17 mailrooms and service centres for 15 companies/ organisations, in Auckland and Wellington and Christchurch. DX Mail FM can therefore provide the flexibility of resource needed for the varying workloads and customer demands in mailroom management and distribution tasks. 'Risk factor' management is obviously attained through economies of scale allowing DX Mail FM to meet its objectives in a consistent manner on an on-going basis at all locations.


Due to DX Mail FM's diverse customer and service base, DX Mail FM customer relationships are dynamic and evolving in nature. DX Mail FM is able to carry out whatever tasks customers request. The Service Level Agreement is varied whenever circumstances demand that changes need to be made.


DX Mail FM also performs consulting and business improvement tasks. Some of these are carried out as part of the FM Service, while other assignments are performed on a contractual basis. DX Mail FM provides independent recommendation and advice on customers' non-core business activities; DX Mail FM demonstrates autonomy in searching out the most competitive rates and services benefiting the customer.

Industry Knowledge

DX Mail FM industry expertise, along with Freightways group buying power, enables DX Mail FM to propose and implement the most cost effective and appropriate solutions. Further, DX Mail FM's 'one-stop-shop' services allow the customer to look after their core business, while DX Mail FM concentrates on the customers' non-core business activities. This is the basis for DX Mail FM’s customer relationships.

Other Services

DX Mail FM are able to offer a wide range of related services that compliment our facilities management operations. We are able to support and extend our FM offering through value added services such as:

  • Archiving/storage
  • Reception
  • Filing
  • Stationery ordering
  • Corporate services
  • Booking meeting rooms
  • Conference management
  • Other services as required

Accounts Payable

DX Mail FM will manage, on behalf of the customer, all third party supplier accounts relating to mail, courier and distribution. This will involve regular liaison meetings with supplier representatives on service and pricing issues. DX Mail will also pay all mailroom supplier invoices on the customers' behalf and recharge them. DX Mail will also split these charges into cost centres as required, on whatever basis is required.

Access to Facilities

As a major supplier of services, DX Mail FM is able to share equipment and resources across its operations. In recent years customers have asked DX Mail FM to provide equipment on a rental basis, and as this approach develops, DX Mail FM will be able to give its customers access to mail management and distribution equipment that would not otherwise be available in one facility.